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  1. GRAMA - Government Records Request

    In accordance with the Government Records Access and Management Act, as set forth in Utah Code Ann. §§ 63-2-101, et seq., a person... More…



    Bluffdale City Cemetery 14229 S Redwood Road Bluffdale, UT 84065 Main Phone 801-254-2200 Fax 801-253-3270

Emergency Management

  1. CERT Registration

    Register for CERT class

  1. Training Class Registration

    Register for an upcoming class.


  1. One Lane Bridge ES Comment Form

    Public Comment Form for the Environmental Study for the One Lane Bridge on 14600 South


  1. Art Show Application
  2. Bios for Current Play
  3. Bluffdale OWD Rodeo Sponsor Online Application
  4. Contact Us
  5. Love Where You Live 2022 T-shirt Order Form

    Love Where You Live t-shirt order form

  1. BAAB T-shirt Order Form
  2. Bluffdale City Sponsor Online Application
  3. City Celebration Parade Online Application
  4. Day Ranch Park Commemorative Brick Paver Order Form

    Order form for engraved pavers for the Butterfly Garden Path in the Day Ranch Park

  5. Miss Bluffdale Application 2021

    "Resilient-Born to be Brilliant" Due to City Hall anytime between January 14 - February 12 (by 5:00 pm on 2.12.2021)

Facilities Reservation Forms

  1. 05 - Baseball Field Reservations Request *Lower East* July-September

    This form is for reservations on the Lower East field during the months of July, August, & September, with 2 time blocks: 5:00 pm-6:30... More…

  1. 06 - Baseball Field Reservations Request *Upper West* July-September

    This form is for reservations on the Upper West field during the months of July, August, & September, with 2 time blocks: 5:00-6:30 pm... More…


  1. Add/Remove Trash Containers

    If you would like to add or remove a trash can or replace a broken can, please complete and submit this form.

  2. Military and Disabled Veteran Abatement Application

    On (date), the Bluffdale City Council adopted an ordinance (resolution) to abate (discount) the basic utility fees for full-time... More…

  1. Application for Water & Garbage

    This application is for Water & Garbage services.

  2. Request to Cancel Services

Volunteer Application

  1. Bluffdale Board(s) Volunteer Interest Application
  2. City Celebration at Day Ranch Park Volunteer Application
  1. Bluffdale Service Project Application

    If you are interested in doing a service project for Bluffdale City, please submit this Service Project Application