Primary Children's Hospital Supply Drive

From Council Member Wendy Aston - 

This year we held our first supply drive for Primary Children’s hospital we asked for not just toys but clothes, blankets, crayons, books, activity kits, and more. In true Bluffdale fashion, our amazing citizens responded with great kindness and generosity making our first, of what will now be an annual drive, a huge success. We would like to thank our Bluffdale citizens, family, friends and offer a special thanks to Summit Academy High School Bluffdale, Riverton Highschool HOSA, and the many church and scout groups that all chose our supply drive to support.

This supply drive is immensely beneficial to our community, it helps supply our local children’s hospital with items it gives every child, year-round, that has to be treated there regardless of economic status, age, or severity of illness. This year my family saw what an impact these items have on a personal level. In March we experienced every parent’s nightmare my son had to have a major emergency lifesaving operation followed by an extensive stay in the hospital. When we thought his recovery was well underway the unthinkable happened again and in July, he underwent a second major emergency lifesaving operation. During his time spent in the hospital, I saw first-hand how a simple soft blanket made the harsh hospital bed feel just a little more like home, an inexpensive fidget toy was an invaluable tool as a distraction from a fourth IV line being placed, and the choice of a toy helped replace the bad memory of a hard procedure with a more pleasant one. Any time spent in a hospital is hard, especially the longer the stay is. Time moves so slow minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days, and days and nights begin to feel the same. So, when the activity cart comes to each room and provides paints, crafts, magnetic sand, clay, or any other activity kit that someone has generously made and donated it provides a distraction and relief making the time seem to move faster. Though these items may seem small to some to others who are in a place they don’t want to be experiencing something no one wants to experience with family only able to watch feeling completely helpless and vulnerable. These items are priceless, humbling and so appreciated.

On behalf of the City of Bluffdale Mayor and City Council, I would like to thank all of you who donated!

Taking inventory of all the donations for Primary Children's Hospital
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