Historic Preservation Commission

The City of Bluffdale wishes to celebrate and preserve its rich past and ensure examples of its history are available for the citizens of Bluffdale to observe and enjoy for many years to come.

Members (Terms expire March 24, 2023)

Jenny Bass (Chair)

Ross Jones

Andrea Hales

Robin Thraen 

Kory Luker

Arlene Parry

Rhonda Pilcher

Susan De Hann

Susan M. Bills

2022 Annual Meeting Schedule

Meetings of the Bluffdale Historic Preservation Commission – The Bluffdale Historic Preservation Commission generally will meet on the second calendar Thursday of each month, with meetings to begin generally at 7:00pm, at the Bluffdale City Hall, 2222 West 14400 South, Bluffdale, Utah.

To volunteer for this Historic Preservation Commission, apply here.

To find out more about preservation efforts around the State of Utah and around the nation please explore the following resources:

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Utah (formerly Utah Heritage Foundation)

Utah Division of State History