Road Widening & Rehabilitation 14400 S 2200 W

Weekly Project Updates

Weekly meetings will be held with the contractor, engineering department, neighborhood liaisons and City communications manager. Date and project progress can be found here.


The estimated project completion date is June 2019


14400 South, crews will continue excavating for the roadway widening, followed by fine grading and Curb & gutter installation.

On 2200 West crews will continue to raise the utilities in the roadway and work on driveway, sidewalk, and park strip construction.

14400S2200W Schedule

Contacts For The Project

Resident Liaisons

Please contact your Resident Liaison with feedback and concerns.

Blain Parry 801-253-3909   OR    Jack Asay 801-558-5567

You can email the engineering department if the weekly website update does not give you the information you are looking for at Please give the City feedback regarding the positive things you have noticed and the concerns.

Please watch the video above to see how easily a large trailer and fire truck moves through the traffic circle. This will be similar to the one being constructed. 

This will improve the flow of traffic and create sidewalk facilities to provide a safe walking environment for students. 2200 W is being rehabilitated, meaning structurally repaired with the surface reconditioned and drainage improved so the road will be smoother and safer.

Where the construction will be.
14400 S from Redwood Road to 2200 West
2200 West from 13800 S to 15000 S

Timeline for the construction.
Bid awarded in January
Construction scheduled to begin March 2018. Construction will done in stages with an estimated one year completion.

The street will be dug up and then reconstructed with new road base and surface placed.
Storm drains will be constructed/reconstructed to accommodate drainage requirements.
Utility work will involve moving power poles, installing new water lines and water services.

There was an Open House on Thursday, January 4, 2018 6-8 PM at City Hall to discuss park strip landscaping options: rock, mulch, or grass (only supplied with owner provided irrigation)

There will be some disruption during construction including: traffic detours and/or delays, broken pavement and temporary water shut-offs. Construction may necessitate some resident owned fencing removal which will be considered for replacement in kind.

Maps and Photos

G7 Map of 14400 S. 2200 W.