Open Burning

Open Burning Information

Open ditch and fence burning is NOT allowed between 
June 1-October 1.

Recreation fires are allowed in fire pits during green burn days. You are responsible to contact the DEQ to determine the air quality. Only wood is allowed to be burned in a fire pit. No garbage of any kind is allowed. If you burn garbage, you will be cited.

Open burning is only allowed in ditch banks and along fence lines if you live on anything over 1 acre. Smaller lot sizes are not allowed to burn. Please refer to the Open Burning Ordinance below. 

Please follow these steps for ditch and fence line burning.

1. You must check on the air quality by calling 801-536-0072 or looking up the DEQ website to determine one hour before burning if it is a green burn day.

2. There can not be any wind. If the fire spreads because of wind, you are liable.

3. Contact the Bluffdale fire department 801-254-2200 ext. 442 so dispatch can be contacted about your ditch or fence line burning.

4. Make sure you have a water source close by.