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Update: highlighted yellow, blue, and green areas will have slurry seal applied September 19-23. See map for details. 

Slurry seal application is scheduled for Bringhurst Station starting September 12-16, weather permitting. The no parking restrictions on Bringhurst Boulevard will be waived during this time. 

Porter Rockwell Boulevard – Bridge Section Update

July 2022

Construction is on target to be completed by end of August. Preliminary planning on the grand opening at the end of August has begun. Watch for the exact date to be announced in the first part of August. 

May 2, 2022

The Porter Rockwell Bridge over the Jordan River and canals and railroad lines in getting closer to completion.  The contractor completed the steel reinforcement for the bridge deck a week ago and they are now placing concrete on the deck.  This will take several weeks to get to full strength.  In the meanwhile, the contractor will complete the bridge abutments and approach, filling the gaps at each end of the bridge, this also will take several days.  It will follow the installation of the parapet wall, the fencing and lights and then the paving and striping.  We hope they will be done by the end of July or sooner,  It will all depend on availability of materials such as the fence and the lights, which may delay the project until August. 

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Annual Road Maintenance

The annual road maintenance projects are nearly complete with only a few punch list items left to complete. We hope the work we do to keep the City facilities in shape wasn't too much of an inconvenience! Thank you all for your patience, cooperation, and obeying traffic closures. It helps us all return home safely.

Road Maintenance (Picture 1)

855 West

As part of the Next Step Warehouse Covent Gardens project, the former private road, 850 West, has been dedicated to the City and rechristened 855 West. The road will be paved with sidewalks and curb and gutter to provide access to all the future tenants of this new commercial development. Currently, the contractor is installing a new sewer main and realigning some of the existing water line.

855 W (Picture 1)

1690 West & Loumis Parkway

The new intersection is paved and striped and functioning beautifully! Street lights will be installed soon and minor punch list items completed.

1690 West Loumis Parkway

1690 W Loumis (Picture 1)

14600 South Railroad Crossing Study

Click Here for details

Heritagecrest Extension

Heritagecrest is being continued along the ridge line from Harmon Day and will curve to the south and connect to Porter Rockwell Blvd. Construction has not begun but the contractor is on site. Work is scheduled to begin soon.

Heritagecrest (Picture 1)

Summit Academy Median

The Summit Academy located on 14400 S just west of Redwood Rd is a morning and afternoon hot spot! We have many kids being dropped off and picked up during the school year. We also have quite a few that walk and use the crosswalk to cross the busy street. Our crossing guards do an amazing job helping us all to see the children and make their commute safe. The exit location at this school is signed as a RIGHT TURN ONLY due to the heavy eastbound traffic and vehicles queuing in the center lane to turn left into the school. Unfortunately, we don't always obey the posted traffic laws and there have been several near misses in this crosswalk because some vehicles choose to make the dangerous (and illegal) left turn. For the safety of all users at this location, a raised median will be installed between the north bike lane and the westbound travel lane. The median curb will extend across the the egress driveways forcing the vehicles exiting the school parking lot to go west and use the roundabout at 2200 W to return to the eastbound direction. Our friends at Ridge Rock Construction have agreed to install the curb over the school's Winter Holiday. We ask that you follow the traffic control that will be in place during construction to give them the space they need to do the work. "Let's Work Together" to keep our children and neighbors safe!

Summit Academy Median (Picture)

Storm Drain Projects

14600 S Storm Drain east of Noell Nelson

The City has hired a contractor to install new storm drainage pipe in the ditches along 14600 S from 800 W to Noell Nelson. The drainage pipes along 14600 S will connect to a new line running north along the railroad to a new regional detention basin.

14600 S SD (Picture 1)

Water Projects

Porter Rockwell Blvd Water Line and Street Lights

The continuation of the City 12" drinking water main has been completed along Segment 4. Street lights and park strip landscaping have been installed along both Segments 4 & 5. Once the bridge is complete, we will complete the project by installing street lights along the bridge.

PRB 4 (Picture)

Zone 1 West Water Tank

The 4MG water tank is complete and in service. This tank was quite the undertaking due to its size and unique shape. It doesn't look like much from the picture, but there is another 20-feet of depth in the ground! The tank helps with the fluctuation in usage in our water system and allows us to maintain a steady flowrate from JVWCD to help keep costs in line. There are a few minor punch list items left to complete around the site. 

4MG Water Tank (Picture)

15000 South PI Pump Station

A new pump station and canal turnout on the Welby Jacobs canal are currently under construction to help utilize the City owned water shares and increase our secondary water service area. The walls on the pump house building are up and the contractor is finishing the roof. Work on the canal turnout will begin soon! A big thanks to Wollam Construction for their amazing work!

PI Pump House (Picture)

Zone 1 East PI Pond

Beck Construction is in the final stages of a 1MG concrete lined pond to store secondary water and provide increased pressure to our system. They are sealing the joints of the liner, working on the communications system and security lighting, and grading the access road.

PI Pond (Picture)

Parks Projects

Street Lights

Please contact with concerns regarding your street lights.

Other Projects

  • Porter Rockwell Monument is currently located off 14600 and Pony Express-across from the park and ride station. A committee has been organized to discuss moving the monument to a location that will be more visible and accessible. Click here for a complete history of memorial
Porter Rockwell
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