Projects In Bluffdale

Day Ranch Park
One Lane Bridge

Public NoticeMap of proposed changes for the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Recycled Water Project Opens in new window

Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility Secondary Recycled Water Project Environmental Assessment

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District and the U.S. Department of the Interior, Central Utah Project Completion Act Office, as Joint Lead Agencies (JLAs) announce the availability of the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility (JBWRF) Secondary Recycled Water Project located in Salt Lake County, Utah. This Project is proposed by the Draper Irrigation Company/WaterPro and Bluffdale City. The JLAs are requesting public comments on the JBWRF Secondary Recycled Water Project EA. An electronic copy of the EA can be downloaded from the link below:

Comments may be submitted during the open comment period starting January 6, 2023 and ending on February 15, 2023 to: JBWRF Secondary Recycled Water Project

Mail:       c/o Bowen Collins & Associates - Jamie Tsandes, 154 E. 14075 S., Draper, Utah 84020


14600 S Storm Drain East Noel Nelson Drive 

This project included widening 14600 South (curb and gutter and sidewalk on the north side and placing bike lanes on the south side) and installing a new storm drain system to reduce flooding on the road and a detention pond north of the Ivory Commercial development east of N Nelson Drive.  This project is nearly complete.  The contractor is completing the detention basin. The detention basin captures the stormwater from 14600 S, which, in the past, flooded the road.

Heritage Crest Collector Road

The contractor is currently working on the retaining wall. The retaining wall is needed to provide a leveled area for the road to be on. The contractor has installed most of the storm drain system for the road.  Rocky Mountain Power is relocating some power poles that were placed on the road alignment.  This road will connect two developments to Porter Rockwell Boulevard.  We hope the road will be completed next summer (2023).

19300 S 2700 W - 2950 W

The City is building and brand new road and roundabout at 13900 S between 2700 W and 2950 W. This road will allow the development of many commercial parcels that otherwise would be landlocked. The contractor currently has graded the road and placed some utilities including a waterline. It is anticipated that road construction will be complete by the summer of 2023.