Year of Service

​Miss Bluffdale and runners-up are requested to represent Bluffdale on the float at every parade and at other required events that are scheduled during their Year of Service.
Float w/Royalty 2018
2017 Float 1
Float 2014
Float 2012
Float 2016
Float 2013

Miss Bluffdale Royalty

1959-Bonnie Neilson 1979-Melanie Neilson 1999-Tifani Bowman
1960-Peggy Parry 1980-Tammi Allred 2000-Michelle Erhard
1961-Mary Joe Mousley 1981-Gina Smith 2001-Melissa Copier
1962-Claudia Parry 1982-Cheryl Park 2002-Ashley Anderson
1963-Diana Long 1983-Tammy Bell 2003-Shanelle Robinson
1964-Carol Lester 1984-Vallene Anderson 2004-Ashley Webb
1965-Angie Anderson 1985-Becky Thelin 2005-No Pageant
1966-Carma Sherman 1986-Julie Barlow 2006-Tennile Spencer
1967-Shannon Hatt 1987-Kym Crump 2007-Katie Denos
1968-Tammy Molyneaurc 1988-Jana Anderson 2008-No Pageant
1969-Valerie Webb 1989-Marci Neilson 2009-Chelsea Howell
1970-Shauna Neilson 1990-Jana Anderson 2010-Jeni Bowman
1971-Michelle Neilson 1991-Steffanie Jensen 2011-Kari Bowman
1972-Kathy Anderson 1992 Valene Pemberton 2012-Kailey Hansen
1973-Connie Haslam 1993-Angeli Anderson 2013-Joanna Lambretchsen
1974-Cheryl Webb 1994-Michelle Bowman 2014-Brianna Giles
1975-Ellen Crump 1995-Ginger Bowman 2015-Hannah Rowntree
1976-Teresa Webb 1996-Melenie Dunn 2016-Kelsie Krahenbuhl
1977-Janet Spencer 1997-Merrilea Garner 2017-Nicci Kevern
1978-Janene Jensen 1998-Holly Jensen 2018-Abbigale Roller