Animal Services

Animal services for Blufffdale City are provided by Salt Lake County Animal Services

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Wild Animals

Wild Aware Utah is a non-advocacy conservation program working through collaborative efforts to provide proactive education to minimize conflict between people and wildlife.

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Mayor’s Message

As of January 1st 2017, Bluffdale City will be contracting with Salt Lake County to provide Animal Control Services to our City. The City will pay the County about $8,700 per month for the service. The initial contract will last for 18 months. During these next 18 months, we will track the service the County provides and will determine if we will continue contracting with the County.

Per our new contract, Salt Lake County will provide all the personnel, equipment, and Shelter facilities to provide 24 hour/365 days service to our City. Basically, our contract will require the County to administer all animal control services, including licensing, per our City requirements.

Until now the City has provided our own animal control services. It requires 24 hour per day enforcement which was hard for us to do with so few staff. We also have been contracting with South Jordan City for our Shelter needs but they have recently informed us our contract no longer fits into their plan going forward.

Animal Shelter requirements and liabilities have increased tremendously in the recent past. This has narrowed our choices greatly and may be the single biggest reason for Bluffdale City to contract with the County.

Even though the City is contracting Animal Control services to the County it is still a City responsibility to provide the service to our residents. If the County option becomes a poor option we will either work with the County to improve the service to our City or we will work out other alternatives for the future.

I hope you can support the City Council’s decision to contract with the County. I, as the Mayor, feel it is a wise and financially responsible thing to do. 

Mayor Timothy
NEWS RELEASE Bluffdale residents served by SLCOAS

Animal Services Resolution 2016-70