Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River Parkway is a system of trails that parallel the Jordan River, which runs from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake.

Development and maintenance of the trails are divided among Salt Lake County and local municipalities: Click here for maps and more information; SLCO Jordan River Parkway

Porter Rockwell Blvd to Jordan River Trail Access Points

The opening of Porter Rockwell Bridge also means easier access to the Jordan River Trail. Access is on the northwest side of the bridge. There are two different access points, but both head north before joining the Jordan River Trail. The trail continues under the bridge.

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Parkway Ps & Qs

Play: Ride your bike, walk, run, rollerblade!

  • Stay to the right. If you are needing to pass someone in front, call out, “on your left” so they are aware you are about to pass them.

Quit: At the right time. Trail hours are 5 AM – 11 PM.

Pick Up: Don’t leave trash on the trail.

  • Go the extra mile and bring a small sack with you to pick up trash.

Quiet: This is a good rule to know if your equipment can go on the trail. Can it be heard?

  • No gas-powered vehicles allowed on the trail. Motorcycles, OHVs and UTVs included.

Pups: All dogs must be on a leash. Don’t forget to clean up their waste. DO NOT leave it.

  • Prevent water pollution. Remember that this is a watershed area.

Quick: Call 911 if there is an emergency.

  • Call non-emergency dispatch if you see something suspicious 801-794-3970.
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