CULINARY WATER RATES Rate effective 7/19
New Account Set-up Fee (added to first bill) $35.00
Residential Base Fee $12.00/month
Commercial Base Fee $30.00/month
Tier 1 0 - 10,000 G $2.50/thousand
Tier 2 10,001 - 50,000 G $3.00/thousand
Tier 3 50,001 - 100,000 G $3.85/thousand
Tier 4 100,001 + G $4.55/thousand
Secondary water is not available in all locations in Bluffdale  
Usage Rate .90/thousand
GARBAGE RATES (rate increase as of June 2018                           Rate
Basic Service (1 Trash, 1 Recycle)             $15.25/month
Additional Trash $10.80/month
Additional Recycle $3.90/month
1st Green Waste $7.65/month (9 months)
Additional Green Waste $5.55/month (9 months)
In Subdivision                                          $6.00/month
Non-Subdivision $3.00/month
STORM WATER                                    Rate
Residential  $5.00/month
Commercial $12.50/month
SEWER Phone Number
South Valley Sewer                                             (801) 571-1166
OTHER FEES Description
Late Penalty 1.5% of delinquent balance or $10.00, whichever is higher.
Shut-off Notices A shut-off notice will be sent when the bill becomes 60 days past due.  The total balance of the account will be due at this time.
24 hr notice If balance is not paid 24 hrs before shut-off day, a 24 hr. notice will be delivered and a $20.00 fee will be assessed.
Shut-off If bill is not paid or arrangements made by the shut-off date, water will be shut off and a $100.00 fee will be assessed.
  In the event that the water service has been disconnected, any tampering with the meter or setter may result with the homeowner being fined.
Fee Schedule Fee Schedule, page 6