(Updated 1/25/2023)

Beginning in January 2023, the collection process for past due Bluffdale utility accounts is changing. If you become delinquent on your utility account, please be aware of this new policy. 

We will no longer be hanging 24-hour notices on doors. If the balance is not paid by the 25th due date, you will incur a late penalty.  If the bill is still delinquent on the following due date (the 25th), you will be sent a delinquent notice with a shut off date for approximately 2 weeks.  No other notices or door hangers will be sent.

If the balance remains unpaid on the shutoff date, water services will be disconnected without further notice and a $110 fee will be assessed. Water services will not be restored until the total balance (past & current - including fees) is paid in full. 

Once the delinquent notice is sent, if the payment received is returned, water will be disconnected immediately and must be paid in full IN CASH, before the water is restored. 

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Equal Pay Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be the owner and resident of the home.
  • You must have 12 months of history at the address with no late payments.
  • The bill must be paid in full to begin equal pay.
  • Rental accounts do not qualify for equal pay.
  • If there is a delinquency on the account, the Equal Pay will be terminated and the full balance will be due immediately.
  • The customer may terminate the Equal Pay arrangement at any time and any balance will be due immediately.

Culinary Water

The culinary water in Bluffdale is provided by the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD).  The city meets all federal and state regulatory requirements for culinary water distribution, resulting in a safe and effective culinary water system.

To learn more about where the water comes from and how it is treated, visit https://jvwcd.org/water.

Trash Collection

Bluffdale City contracts with Waste Management to manage our trash, recycle, and green waste service.

Participation in the solid waste collection and disposal program is mandatory for each single-family and two-family residence located in the city.

Street Light

Storm Water

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of the storm water infrastructure within the City to ensure that it is working properly. This includes street sweeping to prevent debris from entering and thus hindering the storm drain system from functioning properly.


Street Lights

The Public Works Department maintains and repairs street lights. They also manages traffic signals, school flashers and electronic signs.

Storm Drain

New Services

Proof of purchase is required. Please attach proof of purchase. The closing disclosure from your closing documents that shows your name, the address and the closing date. (See example below).

Tax Forms, Warranty Deeds & Real Estate contract will NOT be accepted. Please do NOT send password protected documents.

In the case of a rental, the services are required to remain in the name of the home owner.

New homeowners are required to apply for services within 10 days of closing or services may be discontinued without further notice.

closing disclosure

Billing Information

Utility bills cover from the 1st through the last day of the month.  They are generally sent out between the 5th & the 10th of the month.  Utility payments are always due on the 25th of every month.

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