Neighborhood Emergency Plan

The purpose of the Bluffdale City Neighborhood Emergency Plan is to help the residents of Bluffdale better understand how to prepare for and respond to an incident or disaster that affects their neighborhood in Bluffdale and how they can work within the city’s emergency response to serve their family and neighbors in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

This Neighborhood Plan begins with each residence or family preparing to be self sustaining for at least a week in the event of an emergency, with the possibility of it extending to weeks and months. Below you will find information that will assist you in preparing your family and residence, and in understanding the Bluffdale City Neighborhood Emergency Plan.

Volunteer and Get Involved

​Contact the Emergency Program Manager at to get involved in the Neighborhood Plan, Training, or HAM radio communications.

Bluffdale City Neighborhood Emergency Plan

SM - Drill Plan

Annual Citywide Communication Drill

Event -Communication Drill

Each year, the City of Bluffdale comes together to practice our emergency communications plan. Because September is National Preparedness Month, we are going to practice this month. 

The Great Pink or Green Debate of 2023

To test the lines of communication in the city, we want to know which color is more popular in our city: pink or green. 

To participate:

  • Before Friday, September 29th text, call, email, or talk to your group leader and provide a color tally for your household. 
  • Everyone can vote, you don’t have to choose one color for the whole family.
  • Your report can be as simple as 2-green, 3-pink.
  • The group leader will pass the color tally on to your section leader. 
  • The section leader will work with your area’s HAM Radio operator and report to City Hall. 
  • Watch the October newsletter and social media to find out the winner.

Unknown Section Leader Dilemma

Don’t get left out because you don’t know who is collecting tallies for your neighborhood. Email  before Monday, September 25th with your name and address and we will send your section leader information to you. 

(Note: Some areas don’t have Section or Group leaders. We need your help! Email for more information.) 

SM-Drill Plan 2