Emergency Management

Bluffdale City’s Emergency Management program is responsible for coordinating the resources from all levels of government and multiple volunteer organizations to assist the citizens of Bluffdale City from the effects of disasters.

The Emergency Management program supports the community before, during and after events and major disasters through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

Our program consists of a part time Emergency Management Coordinator who serves as the city’s liaison on emergency preparedness, response and recovery, training programs and drills and exercises. The Emergency Management Coordinator will also operate the Emergency Coordination Center when necessary to manage the distribution of city services and resources to respond and recover from a disaster. The Emergency Program Manager works closely with the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works and other City, County and State agencies.

The City has an Emergency Operations Plan and a Neighborhood Emergency Plan. There are multiple opportunities for community education such as CPR, CERT, Red Cross and FEMA training.

When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed. –Steven Cyros
Be Ready Bluffdale

Please sign up through Notify Me Emergency Alerts to get an email or text on new and updated emergencies.

2021 Opportunities and Training

For a complete list of training and our preparedness seminar visit the link below.