Bluffdale City was incorporated as a municipality in 1978 and is located at the south end of Salt Lake County. The current population of the city is approximately 8200. The community is characterized by large lot development with animal rights and is a major crossroads for transportation and utilities between Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Bluffdale City is also home to one of the longest sections of the Jordan River corridor.


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Phone: 801.254.2200
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Future City Hall

For more information about the possible future City Hall location please see the Mayor's Message in the Bluffdale Times newsletter that is included in December's water bill or by clicking the link below.

December Bluffdale Times

Dog Registration

Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved with the city and the more involved you are the closer you are to the heart of the city and the more you will love our city. In the past, the city has formed citizen groups to take action or to learn about certain subjects and then advise the City Council on matters of importance. There are a few new citizen groups currently being formed. Applications are available on the Volunteers page.

Positions Available

Employement positions are currently available. See the Employment page to apply.

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