Veterans Names

The City of Bluffdale wishes to recognize all those who have served in our nation's Armed Forces and ensure every veteran who wants to be included on the Veterans Memorial is listed. The City of Bluffdale is asking its residents: 

- who have served;

- anyone they know has served and lived in Bluffdale;

- who is not already listed on the wall; 

to please contact Caitlyn Miller in the Planning Department at or at (801)-254-2200*422 with any names or questions. To submit a name through a Google Form please click here.

The names  currently listed on the memorial have been posted for each branch of the Armed Forces. 

  1. United States Air Force
  2. United States Army
  3. United States Coast Guard
  4. United States Marines
  5. United States Navy
  6. MIA or POW
  7. KIA or WIA
The following names are currently engraved on the Veterans Memorial:

  • Allred, Ralph Lynn
  • Betteridge, George G
  • Bickley,  William
  • Billings, Richard
  • Bodell, Jadee
  • Boyack, Daniel
  • Chapman, Patricia Ann
  • Crane, Ricky Leo
  • Hanes, James Elbert Jr.
  • Hill, Rodney E. C.
  • Holbrook, David
  • Howell, Allen R.
  • Kemp, Larry L.
  • Kidd, Richard
  • Mons, George Kurt
  • Mounteer, Willard Dorian
  • Mousley, Boyd H.
  • Neilson, J. Wallace
  • Neilson, Jay
  • Nichols, Denis R.
  • Peterson, Eric Jay
  • Romney, Vincent C.
  • Smith, Joseph Paul
  • Southworth, James Chester
  • Stephens, Daymon D
  • Troester, Jesse
  • Troester, Justin Ta'neeszahnii
  • Webb, Allen