Accept the Recycle / Green Waste Challenge


Bluffdale Did You Know?

Not only does recycling save the environment It saves you money!

Bluffdale City saved about $8,000 by diverting recyclables out of the landfill waste stream AND we saved almost $3,000 by diverting green waste out of the landfill stream.

Waste Management has a goal of 50% diversion to recycling. In 2016 Bluffdale City averaged 13.7% diversion.

When it comes to recycling, Utah is behind the game, coming in as one of the worst recycling states in the nation. 

Accept the Recycle Challenge!

If Bluffdale City was able to increase our diversion of waste to recycling up to 35% we would save a total of $22,000.

How Can You Help?

  • Consider a second recycle can instead of a second garbage can. A second recycle can is only $3.00/month
  • Keep green waste (yard waste) out of the garbage. A green waste can is only $7.00/month. Pick up begins on March 3, 2017. You only pay for the service from March-November.
  • Recycle Often. Recycle Right.
         Recycle empty plastic bottles, cans and paper.
         Keep things dry. 
         Don’t put garbage bags or plastic bags in the            recycle can.

Send In Your Success Stories

and Pick Up a Prize

Make a recycle goal and share your photos and stories with us about what you are doing to increase your recycling and diverting green waste. We will post your photos and stories on our website and put you in a drawing for some prizes. Email them to and we will put them on this page! Here are some of the prizes you can choose from.

Recycle Challenge Prizes
Residents Who Took the Challenge

The Hall family only recycled cardboard boxes. They took the recycle challenge and ordered another recycle can. In the kitchen they printed pictures of what can be recycled and placed them on a recycle can. Everyone tries to put clean recyclable items in every day.
Recycle Challenge

Video about the Recycling Process (10 minutes)