Projects In Bluffdale

Water Projects

Transportation and Street Projects

  • Cross Walks. The City of Bluffdale is currently studying a few areas where crosswalks may be needed.
  • Landscaping Design for right-of-way areas. Currently there is an RFP out for areas on Porter Rockwell, Noell Nelson and Harmon Day Drive. This will be using water-wise and low maintenance practices to enhance the street scape.
  • 14400 S Road Improvement Project (including roundabout): Road improvement and widening project including roundabout, sidewalk, curb and gutter on 14400 South from Redwood Road to 2200 West. The City is currently completing the bid package which is scheduled to be advertised mid to late August.
  • Porter Rockwell Blvd. (PRB) Project There are 5 planned segments. Segments 1, 2 and 3 are completed. The ribbon cutting for segment 3 was on Wednesday, July 26th. See maps for project details. Segment 5 is in the planning stages next.
  • Pony Express into Bluffdale Heights road work October 17-20.
PRB Overall Segments Exhibit
PRB Ribbon Cutting

Storm Drain Projects

Parks Projects

The construction for Vintage Park (located at approximately 14100 Loumis Parkway) will begin in August. This 5 ½ acre park will have a pavilion, picnic shelters, gazebo, splash pad, playground, a volleyball court, tennis and pickle ball courts. The construction is scheduled to take about 7 months.

The construction for Independence Park (located North of Summit Academy Elementary 15245 S. Noell Nelson) will begin fall 2017. 

Vintage Park drawing

Street Lights

Other Projects

Porter Rockwell

​14600 South Construction Trestle Area

Sunday, June 11, 2017 a contractor (Beck Construction) working for UDOT rebuilt a portion of 14600 South. This was next to the rail road bridge (trestle) where faults/deep creeps had developed in the asphalt along a portion of the road next to the steep embankment that is over 4 homes in Springview Farms.

The contractor excavated at least 5 feet of road uncovering a bit of history as defined by the layers of pavement that were uncovered. The excavation was not as deep as the flowline of the Salt Lake City Canal that is on the east side on the road. The contractor uncovered several layers of pavement including a concrete slab, base course and an old asphalt concrete surface that was disintegrating at the bottom of the five foot excavation. The asphalt concrete could have been placed in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

The material excavated had some moisture but not sufficient to cause concern. The contractor repaired the road by placing a layer of cobble rocks of various depth (2ft-5ft) of 4-inch minus rocks covered by geotextile fabric covered by 8-inch of untreated base and eventual new 6-inch of asphalt pavement.

The patch extended for 40 feet from about the center of the road to the edge. This is a temporary fix to provide better protection. UDOT and the City plan on meeting to discuss the possible options for better studying the area and provide a permanent solution.