Year of Service

2017 Float
2017 Float 1
Miss Bluffdale and runners-up are requested to represent Bluffdale on the float at every parade and at other required events that are scheduled during their Year of Service.
Float 2016
Parade 2016
Float 2014
Float 2012
Float 2013

Miss Bluffdale Royalty

1959-Bonnie Neilson 1979-Melanie Neilson 1999-Tifani Bowman
1960-Peggy Parry 1980-Tammi Allred 2000-Michelle Erhard
1961-Mary Joe Mousley 1981-Gina Smith 2001-Melissa Copier
1962-Claudia Parry 1982-Cheryl Park 2002-Ashley Anderson
1963-Diana Long 1983-Tammy Bell 2003-Shanelle Robinson
1964-Carol Lester 1984-Vallene Anderson 2004-Ashley Webb
1965-Angie Anderson 1985-Becky Thelin 2005-No Pageant
1966-Carma Sherman 1986-Julie Barlow 2006-Tennile Spencer
1967-Shannon Hatt 1987-Kym Crump 2007-Katie Denos
1968-Tammy Molyneaurc 1988-Jana Anderson 2008-No Pageant
1969-Valerie Webb 1989-Marci Neilson 2009-Chelsea Howell
1970-Shauna Neilson 1990-Jana Anderson 2010-Jeni Bowman
1971-Michelle Neilson 1991-Steffanie Jensen 2011-Kari Bowman
1972-Kathy Anderson 1992 Valene Pemberton 2012-Kailey Hansen
1973-Connie Haslam 1993-Angeli Anderson 2013-Joanna Lambretchsen
1974-Cheryl Webb 1994-Michelle Bowman 2014-Brianna Giles
1975-Ellen Crump 1995-Ginger Bowman 2015-Hannah Rowntree
1976-Teresa Webb 1996-Melenie Dunn 2016-Kelsie Krahenbuhl
1977-Janet Spencer 1997-Merrilea Garner 2017-Nicci Kevern
1978-Janene Jensen 1998-Holly Jensen