Veterans Memorial

The Veteran’s Memorial was designed and built with the dedication and hard work of eagle scouts, their leaders, the Bluffdale Lions Club, volunteers, elected officials and city staff to honor all veterans who have lived in Bluffdale. The memorial was dedicated on August 13, 2015 during Old West Days.

Become a Sponsor 

Eight granite benches are installed at the Veterans memorial.

Bench 1: John S. Anderson, a gentle man who loved God, family, our country, So. Carolina, and Bluffdale. Donated by his loving wife Claudia Anderson and family.

Bench 2: Denver, Mercedes, Danielle and Parker. Donated by Mayor Derk P. Timothy and Tami L. Timothy.

Bench 3: Let us strive to bring love and peace throughout the world. Donated by Mayor Noell Nelson and Shirley Ann Thomas Nelson.

Bench 4: Barton children Annie, Jennifer, Katie and Bart. Donated by Quinn B. and Gayle M Barton Family.

Bench 5: Setterberg children Glenn L., Diane, Valerie, Kent, Jana, Troy, Angie. Donated by Glenn B. and Rebecca B. Setterberg Family.

Bench 6: Available for sponsorship. 

Bench 7: Available for sponsorship.

Bench 8: Available for sponsorship.

If you would like to sponsor a bench, please contact our office. 2222 W. 14400 S. - 801-254-2200.
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