Business Licensing

All businesses operating from a location in Bluffdale City are generally required to obtain a business license. However, certain business professions are specifically exempt by the State of Utah from license fees. Even though these professions are exempt from license fees, they typically are not exempt from the rest of the license process including filing a valid license application and completing necessary safety inspections or zoning requirements.

If your business will be located in a commercial zone, it is advisable that you contact the Planning and Zoning department at (801) 849-9422 for specific zoning requirements and restrictions prior to signing a lease or filing a license application. 

If you are not sure that your business requires a license or if you feel that your business may qualify for a special exemption, you may contact the Business License office directly at
(801) 254-2200 for clarification.

Bluffdale Business Licensing Code
Home Occupation Ordinance
State of Utah One Stop Business Registration
LICENSING FEES - due with application  
Commercial License $85.00
Home Occupation $50.00
Inspections $50.00
Employees $6.00/ea
Temporary Business License  
     As part of a sales event 5 days or less $20.00
     Other Temporary Business $45.00
Solicitor/Peddler/Vendor $115.00
Return Checks $25.00
Late Fee 100% of license fee
Duplicate license $10.00

Complete application and save as PDF.  
Email to

Call with questions - 801-254-2200.